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  Quick Reference with a UK focus
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Programmer Resources


  • Unicode Home Page Unicode is a comprehensive industry standard system to supersede the original ASCII character encoding scheme which had limited ability to encode non English language characters and symbols. Most web browsers will recognise (at least some) Unicode characters and symbols.

Web site development

Web design

World Wide Web Consortium

The W3C is the official coordinating body for the World Wide Web.

Web servers

Browser related

  • Javascript reference and more from Netscape
  • Browscap.ini If you don't know what it is you probably don't need it. Browscap is a file containing coded details of each browsers capabilities. It is used by server side apps like PHP and helps web site designers match the web page exactly to each browser. Download the latest here.

Server Side

  • PHP home page PHP is one of the most sucessful and comprehensive Server Side Languages in use today. Supported and developed by the Internet Developer Community - it is free. The best value deal on the Internet today!
  • MySQL Home Page Server Side free SQL Database. Integrates very well with PHP.
  • MySQL Documentation Note that PHP has a number of embedded functions to access MySQL. You don't always need the SQL level documentation.

Web site authoring help


Spam filtering

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