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  Quick Reference with a UK focus
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Web hello.co.uk



  • Nominet administer the UK domain name space. A WHOis search for UK domains is available here. Hello.co.uk is a member of Nominet- we can register your domain name for you and provide you with a world class web site, maintained or self maintained. Contact us direct with your requirements.
  • InterNIC Home Public information regarding Internet domain name registration services. Find a registrar here.
  • InterNIC WhoIs Search for international domains .aero .arpa .biz .com .coop .edu .info .int .museum .net .org
  • Network Solutions Search here for details on international Internet sites in the COM NET ORG domains or NIC handles.
  • ICANN The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names & Numbers administer the overall Internet namespace.

Usenet (Newsgroups)

  • Usenet FAQs A list of the policies, scope purpose and other pertinent information about each of the newsgroups.

Technical Specs

  • Internet RFCs Requests For Comments are documents relating to Internet Protocols and other technical matters relating to the Internet. Text & HTML versions available here.
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