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Need to convert yards to metres? Or fahrenheit to celsius? Then this is the page for you. We have produced a number of calculators for virtually all the day to day conversion factors you could need plus many lesser used and unusual units.

There are other conversion calculators on the Internet. Ours are different- they are based on units we use here in the UK. Many Internet calculators are based on US units or worse, are ambiguous. We always state whenever USA units are used. Did you know for example virtually all US liquid measures are different from similarly named UK units. For example one UK gallon is just over 1.2 USA gallons. Or that the USA has two sorts of gallon. The USA dry gallon is almost the same as the UK liquid gallon (1.032 US Dry gallon = 1 UK [liquid] gallon.) This affects all related units for example 'miles per gallon'.

Confused? Don't be. Just remember these converters are created based on UK units. US and other foreign units are identified for you where necessary.

Notes and disclaimers

  • We strive for accuracy and check our data but errors can never be totally ruled out. Please let us know if you find any.
  • Some units are not precisely defined against modern units. In general the older the unit the less accurate it will be by today's standards. In addition many units have been redefined over historical time. This mainly affects archaic units but even relatively recent units can be affected. For example the inch was redefined in the Weights and Measures Act 1963 as exactly 25.4mm. Prior to this date its length was taken to be 25.39997mm.
  • Converting from very large to very small units will inevitably give small rounding errors. These conversion calculators are intended for everyday general use. If you need absolute precision you might want to use a more accurate method. [Technical note: Web calculators depend on floating point representation of numbers. While accurate enough for most purposes floating point does not always give a precise answer. This is a limitation of your web browser- not our web site.]

List of Converters

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