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Calculation and Measurement

  • Units Conversion Calculators Convert a whole range of units. SI, Metric, Imperial. Includes UK and USA units and their differences. Modern and obsolete units, they're all here.
  • Dictionary of Units - units of measurement and conversion factors A fine site covering everything you could want to know about measurement Units. Produced over many years (Since 1995) by Frank Tapson recently retired from Exeter University. A thoughtful and authoritative site clearly produced by a person with a love of the subject.
  • SI Unit Prefixes Table showing details of the SI unit prefixes: mega, kilo, nano, et al.
  • Quick Climatic Temperature conversion chart Colourful and quick temperature conversion chart in the range approximately covering the worlds climate. Originally produced for growers and gardeners trying to get to grips with varying horticultural information. Electronic version of a chart originally fixed to the author's fridge door.
  • Body Mass Index Calculator Calculates your BMI from weight and height. BMI indicates if you need to loose (or gain) weight to avoid potential health risks.
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